JEMA 2021 / Visite de mon Atelier

JEMA 2021 - By Rita - Pascale Morin à l'entrée de son Atelier

This is the opening of the JEMA 2021, and I propose you a virtual tour of my studio, with some pictures from behind the scenes and of work in progress. I let you discover what is moving me and what I am trying to instill in my creations.

« Still inspired by nature between vegetal and mineral, my work is now less figurative. I’m moving closer to nature and I feel I need to understand what its made of, its rhythms, its vitality, but in the same time, its degeneration. Iam looking for movement, the breeze, rain imprints, the heartof the sun, thebrightness of waves, sea spray, the hardness and the suppleness of the earth, the stillness of water and its energy. I am looking for, searching for, the emotion of the living things.
“My new pieces are the result of work and research on materials, the textures, traces or scars that personalize us, and that shape us.
A way of observing our universe, and our own nature…»